Treasured Books

Date: 2/12/2012
Time: 1:30-4:00
Type: Meeting
Location: Wheaton Community Center
Teacher: LMSG-Karyn Pechinski

With stitching comes collecting, and many of us have acquired beautiful or rare books of the craft we love.  We will be introducing you to the terms, how to examine conditions, and how to take care of your precious keepsake whether old or new.  Bring a book or two to learn how to apply an archival cover and share what books your treasure!

We’ll also have a book sale, so if you have any sampler books you’d like to sell, bring those along as well.


Leslie began our meeting with a few announcements. She reminded everyone to pay dues for 2012. Karyn reviewed the programs for the upcoming months. Next month, she is giving the program on Quaker Pinballs. Each person who attends the meeting will get a kit to make their own pinball so we hope you can attend! In April, there will be a field trip to the Chicago Art Institute to view the exhibit: Fabric of a New Nation: American Needlework and Textiles, 1776-1840. The trip will be on Friday April 13th. Contact Karyn to sign up if you are interested in going on the field trip. There will be no meeting on Sunday, April 8th. There is no meeting in May. In June, Catherine Theron will be here to present the workshop A Women’s Garden Band Sampler. She will give a lecture TBA on Sunday.

Marilyn Fettinger presented our program on Treasured Books. She began the program by reviewing the terms used to define the parts of a book. She showed us examples of books with condition problems and explained the terms to describe them. We learned what we can do to take care of our books so that they will not develop these problems. Marilyn told us about some websites where we can buy used sampler books. She concluded with information on where to get free “out of copyright” books on needlework (links are on our website). Karyn showed us how to cover dust jackets with archival grade book jacket covers.

We  enjoyed seeing the books that everyone brought for show and tell. A couple of members even had copies of the 1921 edition of Bolton and Coe American Samplers. We received a handout summarizing Marilyn’s presentation, a bookmark, a booklet on how to repair books and book jacket covers! Thanks to Marilyn and Karyn, we now know a lot more about book terminology, how to take care of them and where to find bargains on used books.