Lucet Passementerie

Date: 11/11/2012
Time: 9:00-4:00
Type: Workshop
Location: Wheaton Community Center
Teacher: Sherri Jones

Welcome a new guest for your workbox – the lucet!  The lucet is a lyre-shaped tool used in the 17th and 18th centuries to create custom trim. Learn the graceful art of creating square cords and flat braids that can be used for finishing or embellishing fine needlework.  The trims are very versatile and unique alternatives to other common trims.  This class is designed both for those who have never worked with a lucet and for those who would enjoy a new class on working with a lucet.  The lucets made exclusively for this class are reproductions of an 18th  century style lucet, finely handcrafted of wood; and a delight to work with.

You will learn the basics of square cord and flat braid using pearl cottons, then elevate your skills to creating the very finest silk passementerie using soie perlees.  For those who like to experiment further with the lucet, the kit includes detailed instructions for creating beaded trim and variations on 2-color trim.  There will be a brief demonstration on the additional techniques as time allows.  Once you have mastered the lucet, you can create a unique linen and silk purse to store your lucet collection and works-in-progress.  The purse is embellished with silk flat braid and square cord, and is embroidered in tent stitch, worked in light teal and vintage browns.

Student supplies: ruler and basic sewing supplies.

Kit includes wood lucet, linen, silk floss, soie perlee, pearl cotton, silk lining, tapestry needle, sharp needle, interfacing

Contact Joyce Reid to signup for this workshop. Kit cost is $115. Signup is for LMSG members only through June. In July, non member signup will begin. Signup deadline is September 9th. Participants must be in attendance at the workshop to receive the kit.

See the PDF file for more information:

Lucet Class (PDF file)