Paper Sampler Boxes

Date: 3/9/2008
Time: 1:30-4:00
Type: Meeting
Location: Glen Ellyn Library
Teacher: LMSG-Mary Ann Anderson

Little boxes to hold treasures and trinkets! These boxes are easy to make and perfect for holding little stitching treasures. We will each make two boxes at the March Guild meeting. One will be made of plain white card stock so you can write notes on it and save it as your pattern. The second will have a plain card stock bottom and the top will be a color photocopy of a sampler. All paper will be provided at the meeting. You will need to bring a ruler, pencil, and paper cutting scissors. Everyone will go home with a little sampler box and the skills to make many more on your own. They make perfect little gift boxes or party favors. Click on the image at the right for a larger picture.

Everyone is welcome to attend. There is no signup for this program and no cost.

Note: These are the same little boxes that were included in your anniversary surprise from the Phine Phriends. Now you can learn the secrets for making them yourself!


Katie, our president, began the meeting with a review of the signup process for workshops. If you sign up for a workshop, kit fees are due at the meeting before the workshop is held. Teacher fees are due on the day of the workshop. We don’t know exactly what the teacher’s fee will be for a workshop until all expenses are in and we know the number of participants. If you want to attend a workshop, please fill out a signup form for each one and turn it in to our program chair, Carol Schaal, along with the payment of your kit fee.

At this point, Katie turned the meeting over to Carol who reviewed our upcoming schedule:

  • In April, Carol Humphrey will be presenting a slide lecture titled “Samplers as Documents”. There will be charge of $10 to non-members who wish to attend.
  • In May, Carol Schaal will be doing a program on fibers used in samplers. She is assembling a kit that can be made into a book mark or bell pull that will include different fibers and stitches. Sign up by the April meeting to reserve your kit. Cost will be $5.00.
  • Tricia Wilson Nguyen workshop June 21st – deadline for signup and kit fee is the May 4th meeting. Cost of the kit is $110.
  • Tricia Wilson Nguyen lecture on June 22nd – she will talk about the Plimoth Jacket project. Non-members who wish to attend will be charged $10.
  • Our picnic will be in July at Susan’s house.
  • Catherine Theron’s workshop in October – deadline for signup and kit fee is the August 10th meeting. Pictures showing a part of the whole project are now available.

We had several items for show and tell. Click on the link for a description and picture.

Our program was presented by Mary Ann Anderson. We all had a great time learning how to make little paper boxes. Each of us received material for three boxes. First and easiest, a plain white one with a top and bottom of the same height. Second, a plain white box with a deeper bottom. And last, a fancy box with a sampler patterned top and a black bottom. There were enough materials so that everyone could make a second sampler box, if they wanted to.

Mary Ann demonstrated how to mark, fold and crease the paper to prepare for making the box. We learned how to make the appropriate cuts and folds to make the finished product. She showed us how to use a glue stick or craft glue to permanently put the box together. We were advised not to glue the white boxes together so that we could take them apart for study and to use them as a pattern to make more boxes.

What fun we had making these little boxes! And best of all, we each went home with a completely finished project! Thank you Mary Ann for a great program. Now we know the secrets for making the wonderful little sampler boxes!

We’d like to have a good turnout for next month’s slide lecture presented by Carol Humphrey, so please spread the word. Everyone is welcome to attend, but there will be a $10.00 charge for non-members. Hope to see you there!

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