Sailor’s Ditty Box

Date: 3/14/2004
Time: 9:00-4:00
Type: Workshop
Location: Patton House
Teacher: Merry Cox

Merry Cox has been scheduled for workshops in March, 2004. Because of the pre-stitching involved, the deadline for registration for these workshops was June 15, 2003. Registration for these workshops is now closed. Merry will teach the assembly of these two kits during each of the teaching sessions. That means that all stitching has to be completed before the class meets next March. Since there is so much stitching involved, she would like to send the kits to attendees by the end of June. Therefore, Kathy Bourne needs to receive registrations at the May and June meetings or by mail before the middle of June. Members will find her address in the Guild directory.

 The companion, “Sailor’s Ditty Box” will be taught on Sunday, March 14. The ditty box is lined and contains a variety of smalls related to stitching tools. Both kits contain all the other goodies that Merry designed or acquired for these two kits.�

  • The kit price for the Sailor’s Ditty Box is $140.
  • The teaching fee is $25.
  • Registration deadline in June 15th.
  • This kit does not have to be paid for until the class in March 2004.
  • A registration form and a $25 deposit check made out to the Lake Michigan Sampler Guild should be sent to Kathy Bourne by June 15th.
  • The $25 deposit will be applied toward the teaching fee.
  • Please write the name of the class in the memo field on your check.
  • Please email questions to Kathy Bourne.