Fun with Finishing

Date: 5/2/2004
Time: 1:30-4:00
Type: Meeting
Location: Sunrise
Teacher: LMSG-Kathy Bourne

Fun With Finishing combines demonstration and group participation in order to teach
several different techniques useful in finishing needlework. Numerous finished pieces
will be examined and discussed. Demonstrations will include making cord of one, two
and three colors, making tassels, finishing ornaments, mounting needlework to fit
a plain box, use of iron-on bonding material, hemstitching, finishing edges of small
pieces and other such techniques as time will permit.Participants should bring six to eight skins of embroidery floss in a variety of colors
for making cording and tassels. Those who may wish to try finishing a small piece
of needlework such as an ornament or bookmark should bring their pieces, a 5x 7 piece
of acid free mat board, thread to match the ground fabric of the piece, a regular
sewing needle, a small ruler, a small bottle of fabric glue and a skein of floss in
a coordinating color.  A small crank for winding cord if you have one.
Those who wish to learn hemstitching should bring a piece of linen (28 count or above
is OK) about 5×7 to 8×10.

The Guild will provide other equipment needed.