Amy’s Sampler Collection Part 1

Date: 2/22/2004
Time: 1:30-4:00
Type: Meeting
Location: Sunrise
Teacher: LMSG-Amy Keaton

Amy Keaton will bring her collection of antique samplers and will share information about them. Her collection contains a number of different types of samplers from both Europe and the United States. 


The theme of our February meeting was definitely samplers, samplers and more samplers! Several of our members brought finished projects for show and tell. Then we were treated to more samplers from Amy Keaton’s private antique collection. The February meeting began with a few announcements:

  • The deadline to sign up for our April workshop given by Catherine Stickler of Indigo Rose is March 6th. Get those registrations in!
    Update: Canceled due to low enrollment.
  • We are still looking for a volunteer to do our printed newsletter. If you are interested, please contact Leslie Lewis.
  • Pat Carlson, our online newsletter editor, would appreciate contributions to the online newsletter. Whether you attend a class or seminar, visit a museum, take a a trip or read a good book, if it’s related to needlework, we’d like to hear about it! Just take a few minutes and write up your experience and email it to Pat.


Cross stitch

 We had several items for show and tell:


Cross stitch

After show and tell, we had a program presented by Amy Keaton. Amy showed us part of her personal collection of antique samplers. She has been doing talks about her collection for four years, but said that we made her a bit nervous because the the caliber of stitching done by our members! 

We had a delightful surprise – after Amy showed each sampler as she talked about it and then passed it around the room so we could get a very close look at each one. We found out that Amy has been interested in samplers since 1988 and that she purchased her first antique sampler in 1990. The first sampler she showed was titled “How I almost started my sampler collection”  since it was actually the second one she purchased. From there, we went back in time to the 1600’s. We saw samplers from this time frame up through the 1800’s. Some of the highlights included:

  • Earliest sampler – A spot sampler from the mid to late 1600’s
  • “Ann Scott” – A 17th century English band sampler. Amy also showed us the reproduction stitched by Susan Balsai from the Scarlet Letter. This is the only one of Amy’s samplers that has been reproduced. 
  • An orphanage piece stitched entirely in black. The sampler is signed Ann Hadley 18- – age 10. It looks like the date has been picked out.
  • A German sampler signed AK from 1762. This sampler was unusual because three different thread colors were used in each letter.
  • A Danish sampler dated 1769 that had vertical alphabet borders on each side. Amy thinks that this was a school girl piece because of the symmetry found in the sampler.
  • An English sampler by Ellinor Dear, borne May 30, 1787 stitched when she was 12 years old. This sampler was amazing because it was stitched on at least 70 count linen.
  • And much, much more!

We would like to thank Amy for sharing her wonderful sampler collection with us. It was a great opportunity to see real antique samplers from many different countries up close. It made us appreciate the variety of pieces stitched by these young girls using many different materials, threads and stitches.


Cross stitch

Just a reminder :

Merry Cox workshops are scheduled in March, 
so there will not be a regular meeting!

The April workshops have been CANCELED.
There will be a Stitch-In and Stitch Clinic at the 
April meeting where we will work on our 2004 projects.

Hope to see you in April!

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