Margaret Smith 1820 Sampler

Date: 9/20/2003
Time: 9:00-12:00
Type: Workshop
Location: Patton House
Teacher: Joanne Harvey

influence of Quaker motifs found on pieces taught at the Ackworth School established
in 1779 in Yorkshire, England can be demonstrated on many pieces found in Quaker schools
throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Virginia and Ohio. Much has been written
about the Quaker religious movement, educational structure, and the sampler produced
at these various schools. Quaker associated motifs are to be found on the samplers
worked by Margaret Smith, aged 9 years. The sampler is dated 1820. There are other
related samplers having this design format known to be in existence. Research is currently
being done on the possible origin of the school, the maker of this piece and the possible
verse that was contained within the upper cartouche. Margaret Smith is worked on 28ct
linen, measuring 16″ x 18″. Kit price is $76 for DMC or $152 for silk floss plus a
teaching fee to be announced.