About Us

The Lake Michigan Sampler Guild meets the second or third Sunday of each month from September through May at the Wheaton Community Center in Wheaton, Illinois at 1:00 pm. Please check our calendar for meeting dates, times and locations.

Throughout the year, members can attend programs presented at general meetings, workshops and special events. Workshops are presented by nationally known teachers and are offered at lower prices than the same classes scheduled at national conferences. For each workshop, there will be a kit fee and teaching fee. If you are interested in signing up for a workshop, please see the signup procedures to register.

At the Sunday general meetings, there are programs presented by needlework experts. These programs are included in your cost of membership. When a kit is distributed at a general meeting, there may a kit charge if you choose to participate. Occasionally, the guild sponsors special events like lectures and field trips which may not be scheduled on regular meeting days. There may an additional charge for these events.

We have members from more than 20 different states as far away as California and Virginia. Even if you don’t live close enough to come to every meeting, there are many benefits to becoming a member.

Here are our top ten reasons to join LMSG:

  1. Meet wonderful people who share your love of historic needlework.
  2. Attend workshops presented by nationally known teachers.
  3. Attend general meeting presentations given by nationally known needlework experts.
  4. Receive our online newsletter. Sample (in PDF format)
  5. Participate in our annual holiday ornament exchange.
  6. Receive discounts from some local needlework shops, special offers from designers and discounts on volume purchase books.
  7. Increase the size of your stash by buying items at our annual tag sale!
  8. Decrease the size of your stash by selling items at our annual tag sale.
  9. Opportunity to purchase special kits put together by the guild.
  10. Participate in our annual stitcher’s challenge.

Are you ready to join? Then check out our information on how to join LMSG. If you have any questions about the Lake Michigan Sampler Guild, please contact us. You can contact one of our officers directly for more information.