2021 March Meeting

Date: Sunday  March 14, 2021
Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Location:  Wheaton Community Center
1777 South Blanchard Street
Wheaton, IL  60189
Atten Room

Pre-Meeting Lunch:

We will not be meeting for lunch ahead of time. Bring your drink, water fountains are not available currently.


Who’s minding the needle? We will finish our needle minders to go along with our stitching trays and review twisted cord making. We will do our “Winter Sled Exchange”


  • Last time we met; our project was the Elizabeth Pearson stitching tray. Our needle minder project is to complement this tray. We will also go over how to make twisted cord and assembling our needle minders. If you have not stitched your motif, options for a stitched needle minder could be a piece of vintage inspired fabric, embroidered handkerchief, or another textile of your choosing. The possibilities are endless. Please bring your basic sewing supplies: needle, scissors, thread (color will not show)


  • Christmas Sled Swap – bring your stitched sled to exchange
  • How do you organize your needles? We would love to see or hear how you do!
  • Thanks to Marilyn V. for booking the Wheaton Community Center.
  • Thanks to Mary for paying the rent
  • Thanks to Pat Carlson for our monthly newsletter 

Show & Tell:

Favorite needles
Needlebooks, needle minders, needle storage/organization
New starts or finishes, WIPs

Free Table:

If you have been cleaning through stitching supplies and would like to give unwanted items away, put it on the Free Table for anyone to take.  Please pick up any unclaimed items.

Next Meeting:
Sunday, April 11, 2021
Location to be determined based on what facilities are open for public use