05/02/2015-05/03/2015 Amy Mitten Workshop

amymittenAmy Mitten, from Fibers to Dye For, will be teaching Ten, a Mystery Story and Sampler, for LMSG on May 2 and 3, 2015. Ten is an 18th Century style sampler with a mystery story.

Each chapter of the story coincides with the symbolic motifs of the sampler. Clues, hidden within both the sampler and the story, will be revealed during the workshop in order to discover the solution to the mystery. Finished size is 9 ½ x 16 inches on 32 count Lambswool linen (7 ½ x 13 on 40 count).

There will be an autopsy of several types of sampler stitches including cross, double running, couching, tent, detached buttonhole, chain, spiral trellis, Ceylon, French knot, laced herringbone, marking cross, double back stitch, queen stitch, four sided stitch, and eyelet to name a few. The kit cost is $165.00, teaching fees will be determined later. You can register and pay for the kit at the February or March meetings, mailed registrations must be received by March 16, 2015. More pictures of the project are available on Amy’s website: http://www.amymitten.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=26_27_32

The deadline for the Amy Mitten workshop is March 16. Checks must be received by then.  You may send your checks to Jenny Ross, 1000 Wrens Gate, Mundelein  IL  60060.

The class will be held at:

The Garlands of Barrington
1000 Garlands Lane
Barrington IL 60010