2/10/2013 Meeting Highlights

Jenny Ross, our president, opened the meeting with a few announcements. Dues should be paid by the end of February. If you have not paid by that time, your name will be removed from the newsletter email list and your logon will be removed from the website. We are still looking for a northern meeting location to use while the Barrington Library is under construction.

We have taken a survey to determine the second Margriet Hogue and Ellen Chester 2013 workshops. The results are in.

In June, Margriet will teach two workshops, the first is Hepzebak Baker’s sampler from 1737 and the second, determined by the survey, is the 1730 Scottish Sampler. See the program pages for pictures.

In September of 2013, Ellen Chester will present two workshops. One workshop will be A Lady’s Worke Box. The second, determined by the survey, will be be A Needleworker’s Sampler Huswif. It can be framed as a sampler or made into a huswif. See the program pages for pictures.

You can now sign up for any of the workshops.

While we stitched on our individual projects, some of our members talked about recent classes they had attended, new books and online courses. Carol Schaal talked about a symposium that she attended on Norfolk Samplers. She brought the new book about them so we could all take a look at it. Karyn talked about an online Shining Needle class. Marilyn Vanover brought some work in progress for an online class she is taking.

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