9/8/2013 A Needleworkers Sampler Huswif Workshop

A Needleworkers Sampler Huswif

A Needleworkers Sampler Huswif

On Sunday September 8th, Ellen Chester will present the workshop A Needleworkers Sampler Huswif at the Wheaton Community Center. The class time is 8:30 to 4:30.

Project Description:  This lovely project can be finished as a framed sampler or as a huswif with a matching needlebook. A “huswif” or “hussif” is the name for a case which stores needlework supplies. Before the days of pockets on clothing, women often carried a huswif in one of the large tie-on pockets worn under their skirts. The use of a huswif was certainly not exclusive to women. Sailors, soldiers, and other men who needed sewing items sometimes carried huswifs.

The verse, My needlework wrought with so much care, adorned with colours so rich and fair, came from an old sampler.

Stitches Used: algerian eye, alternating double backstitch, backstitch, barrier, Belgian cross, closed herringbone, cross stitch, cross stitch over one linen thread, cushion (traditional and reverse slant), double running, double-sided Italian cross, four-sided, gobelin, horizontal elongated tied cross, long-armed cross, Montenegrin, nun’s stitch, queen, diagonal queen, rice, satin, smyrna cross, straight, tent, three-sided, upright cross, and zigzag.

Kit Contents:  In addition to photos and detailed directions for stitching and assembling the project, the kit includes 36-count hand-dyed linen, silk threads, hand-dyed ribbon, skirtex interfacing, dupioni silk, beads for the closures, tatting thread, and a needle.

Kit Cost: $110   There will also be a teaching fee which has not been announced yet.

A scrimshaw ruler ($30) and threadwinder ($38) are accessories that can be added to your class kit.  These pieces were designed specifically for this project  and are not available otherwise.

Deadline for signup and kit fee payment is July 27th. 

How to Register for the Workshop

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