Hare Pyns Workshop

Date: 11/10/2012
Time: 9:00-4:00
Type: Workshop
Location: Wheaton Community Center
Teacher: Sherri Jones

A stitcher’s pocket designed simply to make you smile. The pocket is fitted with a needle keep, Hare Pyns keep, scissors sheath and fob, pyn cushion, and a Hare rule and Hare thread palette.

Stylized tulips and ripples of Florentine embroidery flourish and profiles of hares peak out from unexpected places to delight the stitcher. The inside front of the pocket is fitted with a ‘hare pyn’ keep situated between fanciful tulips. A needle keep is fastened to the inside front of the pocket. Also accompanying the pocket are a pyn cushion to match the lining fabric, a stitched scissors sheath, and a hare shaped rule and a silk palette, custom made from wood – (species may vary from cherry to birch or other suitable woods). The pocket measures 5” wide x 6” high when closed and 13” long when opened flat. The pocket is solidly stitched on 30 count natural linen with silks in rich tones of flame reds, meadow greens, blue greens and taupes. It is finished by hand with a grosgrain ribbon edging and a depression-era clear pressed glass button (button shapes will vary for each kit), side gussets and a pocket divider for housing all of your favorite tools.

Class time will emphasize hand finishing instruction. Kit includes wood Hare rule and thread palette, linen, silk fibers, wool felt, 2 lining fabrics, grosgrain ribbon, vintage button, finishing materials and tapestry needle.

Contact Joyce Reid to signup for this workshop. Kit cost is $135. Signup is for LMSG members only through June. In July, non member signup will begin. Signup deadline is September 9th. Participants must be in attendance at the workshop to receive the kit.

See the PDF files for more information:

Hare Pyns (PDF file)

Hare Pyns Color Photos (PDF file)