Antique Needlework Tools and Anniversary Party

Date: 10/14/2012
Time: 1:30-4:00
Type: Meeting
Location: Barrington Library
Teacher: LMSG-Susan Kellerman

We will be celebrating our 13th anniversary with cake and a lecture of Antique Needlework Tools presented by Susan Kellerman.  Susan will be sharing her collection with us.  Do you have any old pieces?  Bring them for a show and tell, they may have more to tell us than we know!


Susan Balsai ran our November business meeting at the Barrington Library. Next year, we will have two meetings at this location. We welcomed two visitors.

In November, we have two workshops scheduled, so there will not be a general meeting. The holiday party will be December 9th at the home of Susan Balsai. If you need an idea for the ornament exchange, check out the LMSG Facebook page. There are links to many free ornament patterns. Our January meeting will be a show and tell of completed 2012 contract projects.

Margriet Hogue will be at the guild in June 2012. She will be teaching two workshops. One will be the American Band Sampler. We will be posting pictures of the choices for the second workshop in the near future and taking a survey to determine which one will be selected.

The guild has made two charitable donations this year. One was to Williamsburg for the purchase of a sampler or quilt for their collection. The second was to the Sampler Consortium towards the printing of their new book “Columbia’s Daughters”.

Susan Kellerman gave a presentation on antique needlework tools. She brought many tools that she has collected since she was a child. First, she talked about how flax is carded, spun and woven to make linen. She had samples of flax in a basket and linen thread on spindles for us to look at. Many antique needle boxes and tools were discussed and then passed around the room so we could get a closer look. Susan will bring more of her antique tools to a future meeting.

Since it was our anniversary, we had cake with chocolate frosting to celebrate! The frosting and filling was delicious! We had a couple of items for show and tell which are listed below.

Show and Tell