2007 Guild Project

Date: 1/14/2007
Time: 1:30-4:00
Type: Meeting
Location: Glen Ellyn Library
Teacher: LMSG-Jane Stevens

Join us for our first meeting of the year where we begin our 2007 Guild Project, the Jenning Band Sampler from The Scarlet Letter. If you would like to participate, you can buy your kit direct from The Scarlet Letter. It’s a small 17th century sampler, so you’ll still have time for other projects. The kit with cotton floss is $36 and with silk floss is $60. If you would like to just purchase the chart, it is $10. We hope you’ll join in the fun.

This will also be our fourth year of the Stitcher’s Challenge projects. Bring your “hopeful” projects, those which you want to finish during the year, and make a contract with the guild to get them done.  We’ll track your progress throughout the year and award prizes in December. It’s good motivation to finish a project and fun to see the progress made by the participants. Those of you who participated last year certainly finished some beautiful pieces and also got a nice reward from the guild.  So, it’s time for you to dig up another UFO  – we know you have one – and join the fun again this year. 

There will be an intermediate progress report at the Guild picnic in June. The final show-and-tell (for those stitching right down to the wire) will be at the December meeting, with prizes awarded at that time.  If you can’t make the January meeting but would still like to participate, fill out the contract form and send to Jane Stevens by the end of January. Good luck and happy stitching!


We had a good turnout for our first meeting of 2007 despite a forecast of bad weather. Our new president, Katie Simmer, began with a short business meeting. We had a report from Jean Lieberman regarding membership renewals. About 45 members have paid their 2007 dues and we have several new members. If you pay by the end of February, you will be listed in our membership handbook. Our outgoing treasurer, Katie Simmer, had a short report – we are solvent and starting the new year in good shape! Next meeting, we will hear from our new treasurer, Joyce Reid. Susan Balsai thanked the outgoing officers and gave them a gift of appreciation for their work for the guild.

Katie made an important announcement. If we ever have to cancel the meeting due to bad weather conditions, an announcement will be posted on the website the morning of the meeting. Please check the website before coming to the meeting or, if you don’t have Internet access, please contact Katie or one of the other officers.

Then the meeting was turned over to Jane Stevens to review the programs for 2007. Our February program will be a stitch-in for the guild nametag. Jane will be supplying all materials so contact her to sign up. Katie encouraged everyone to wear a nametag at meetings. If you haven’t stitched the LMSG nametag, wear one from another guild or fill out a paper one that will be supplied at the meetings. We are going to make a real effort this year to wear nametags so that we can get to know everyone! You won’t want to miss the second part of February’s program – Nancy Sturgeon is changing the focus of her business and will be selling some of her books and materials. Make sure you take advantage of this stash enhancement opportunity!

In March, Eileen Bennett will join us for a workshop and lecture. On Saturday, March 17th, Eileen will teach a workshop on a brand new 17th century style band sampler. She is still stitching the model, so we don’t have a picture yet. This piece will be taught for the first time at our workshop. On Sunday, March 18th, she will present a lecture on how to do sampler research. There will be no charge to members for this lecture. She will discuss the forms and worksheets she uses in doing her research. In April and May, we will be doing a crazy quilt project. There were several books on display showing samples of the techniques. In June, we will have the guild picnic at Susan Balsai’s house. Jane is finalizing more exciting programs for the rest 0f 2007!

For our program, Jane introduced the 2007 guild project: the Jenning Band Sampler from the Scarlet Letter. The sampler is available on the Scarlet Letter website, if you would like to join in the fun. Jane will be publishing a stitching schedule which will be posted on this website. See the program description for a picture and details. Jane also talked about our fourth annual Stitcher’s Challenge. If you want to participate, please turn your forms in to Jane at the February meeting. We’ll do an update at the picnic to see your progress (did you at least find your project?) and hopefully, we will see your finished results in December.

We had three items for show and tell.

Hope to see you at the next meeting on February 11th! Remember to renew your membership so you won’t miss out on any of our exciting 2007 programs!

Show and Tell