2007 Anniversary Party

Date: 10/14/2007
Time: 1:30-4:00
Type: Meeting
Location: Glen Ellyn Library
Teacher: LMSG-Phine Phriends

Lake Michigan Sampler Guild’s very own Phine Phriends are happy to present a package of treasures and tokens to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the Guild. Inside you will find a special personalized sampler notebook for your pocket or purse, a scissors fob kit tucked into its own little tiny handmade box as well as other delightful surprises. The cost is $25. To reserve your piece, send an email to Mary Ann Anderson. Let her know what initials (up to 3) you want to use.

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We had an excellent turn out for our 9th anniversary celebration! First on the agenda was the election of  new officers. Marilyn Vanover is Assistant Program Chair, Ginny Baker is secretary, Mary Draniczarek is 2nd Vice President and Membership. Congratulations to our new officers!

Katie Simmer, our president, made an exciting announcement:  we now have an official LMSG pin!  It was designed especially for us and comes in two styles, a pin or a charm. They will be available for purchase at meetings while supplies last and are $12 each.

Next month, at our November meeting, Leslie Lewis will demonstrate the stitches used in the Plimoth Plantation butterfly ornament kit (detached buttonhole and detached trellis). If you are interested in participating, you can order a kit for $45 directly from the Plimoth Plantation at http://www.plimoth.org. The kit fee includes a $20 donation to the museum. Even if you don’t order the kit, you are still welcome to attend the meeting and learn how to do these challenging stitches. Leslie will focus on teaching the detached buttonhole stitch. If you want to learn how it’s done, bring an embroidery hoop, a piece of muslin and some pearl cotton to the meeting.

Don’t forget that Carol Humphrey, textile curator for the Fitzwilliam Museum, will present a program on April 13, 2008 on Ackworth School samplers.  If you own Carol’s book, you are welcome to bring it along for her to autograph. You won’t want to miss this great presentation, so make sure you mark your calendar! We’ll have more about the 2008 schedule at the next meeting.

To celebrate our 9th aniversary, we had cake (chocolate, of course) and other goodies. We enjoyed the treats, looked at the show and tell items and talking with those who attended. Many members bought LMSG pins and charms.

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We had four items for show and tell:

The boxes containing our 9th anniversary surprise were waiting for us on the table at the back of the room. We were all very curious what secrets they held. Each box had a personalized name tag attached to twill tape tied in a bow. A short tape measure marked “Lake Michigan Sampler Guild” was tucked under the tape. The packages were wrapped so creatively, we were reluctant to untie the bow to find out what was inside. 
The boxes contained several delightful surprises. There was a notebook marked with each person’s initials with a sampler on the cover and a small pen. Opening the notebook, we found that even the inside covers were decorated. Each notebook also had a beaded marker to save your place. A small folder tied shut with a tiny bow contained a petite scissors. The folder was decorated with a gold scissors and tiny heart. A small handmade box held the instructions and materials to make a scissor fob. And, if you looked carefully, there were even some candy treats.

MaryAnn explained how she and Katie brainstormed to design the project. She described how the various items in the box were created and what materials were used. We’d  all like to give a big THANK YOU to Katie, Maryann and her cousin for all of their hard work to make this a perfect 9th anniversary celebration!.

Show and Tell