Victoria Sampler Tin and Fob

Date: 5/21/2006
Time: 1:30-4:00
Type: Meeting
Location: Glen Ellyn Library
Teacher: LMSG-Marilyn Vanover

Manilyn Vanover is presenting a mini project, a Victorian Sampler “Needles and Scissors”
Tin and Fob. The free pattern is from the Victoria Sampler website.

An Altoids Tin is covered by a simple hardanger heart and rose sampler in mauves
and teal greens. It holds your needles and scissors The fob has your name on one
side and a rose motif on the other.

The kit is $8.00 and includes all materials and the tin except the scissors which
can purchased at a Hobby Lobby for $5.00.

Click on the pictures for a larger image.