Mary Schar’s Sampler Collection

Date: 3/12/2006
Time: 1:30-4:00
Type: Meeting
Location: Buehler YMCA
Teacher: LMSG-Mary Schar


The meeting began with a few announcements from our president, Susan Balsai and our program chair, Elaine Hoagland:

  • If you have suggestions for new website content, please let one of the officers know.
  • Today was the last day to sign up for our April program, a mini Ackworth sampler being presented by Katie Simmer.
  • A picture will soon be available on our website for Margriet Hogue’s Saturday workshop in August.
  • In August, the Sunday workshop will be a scissor sheath that will go with the pinball that Margriet presented last year. This theme may continue for other accessories in future programs.
  • The Saturday Catherine Theron September workshop will be An Examplar IV. Examplar I will be on Sunday because it is a shorter class.
  • We hope Merry Cox will be back in 2008, perhaps in February.
  • Susan will be mailing silk to those who took the German Sampler class from Margriet.

We have a total of 61 members and 5 new members. Remember, you can’t sign up for workshops if you haven’t paid the membership fee! The membership directory should be finalized this week. You can still join LMSG, but your name will not appear in the directory.

We had a few items for Show and Tell. Sally brought a new Whitney Antiques catalog which contains map samplers. Elaine brought a sampler kit circa 1970 that Joanne Harvey has redone and is now teaching. Several of our members remembered stitching the kit years ago. Susan Balsai finished the Merry Cox Birds and Berries project from the February workshop. We all admired her wonderful workmanship.

For our program, Mary Schar presented her antique sampler collection. Most of her samplers were American from the 1800’s. We got to see a big variety of samplers including simple marking samplers, a mourning sampler, a family record sampler, a Dutch darning sampler and a Pennsylvania show towel. Mary also shared her collection of antique needlework tools. She said, “I didn’t know I had so many until I took them all off the wall!” We all enjoyed looking at Mary’s collection. Thanks to her for sharing it with us.