Flowers from Thy Garden

Date: 2/18/2006
Time: 9:30-4:00
Type: Workshop
Location: Buehler YMCA
Teacher: Merry Cox

Wouldn’t it be fun to go to class, take your sampler from its carrying case, unroll
it, place it in front of you and now everything needed is at your fingertips…a
ruler pocket, a needle book with vintage linen needle pages, an ultrasuede scissors
older tucked behind the needle pages, a pocket for a thread stick, a lovely pin
cushion and many alphabets within the sampler for reference.

While on a trip to England, Merry found a sampler stitched on two pieces of linen
and then sewn together.  The antique pieces each have red bands woven into
the linen with several alphabets.  Merry reproduced the alphabets from the
1860’s sampler, stitched the red bands to replicate the woven ones and then designed
“her garden.”  Stitches include Rococo, Closed Herringbone, Cross over one and two, Tent over one, Half Cross and Nun.

The sampler is hemstitched and then lined separately.  Ribbon is tacked to
each corner of the lining piece and then pulled through each corner of the hemstitched
sampler, through mother-of-pearl buttons and tied in a bow.  This allows the
lining to be removed for washing and also allows more stitching to be added later
on, such as your favorite monogram, alphabet, family information etc.  The
sampler is folded in half, wrapped around the incushion and stored in its case.

The kit includes 35 ct. linen, all silk fibers, silk ribbon, finishing materials
for the sampler and carrying case.  There will be no prestitching required
for this class.  Kit cost is $85 plus teaching fee TBD.