An Examplar IV Workshop

Date: 9/9/2006
Time: 9:30-4:30
Type: Workshop
Location: Buehler YMCA
Teacher: Catherine Theron

An Examplar IV
Fourth in a series of samplers, this piece is a 13″ X 10″ spot motif sampler surrounded
by a strawberry border. It is worked
on a 30-count cream linen with DMC flosses in shades of strawberry, green, gold, & blue, & brown.

As the fourth piece in this teaching series, this sampler features traditional British-style
motifs that are stitched using raised or te:xtured techniques. Stitches used include
Double Italian Cross, Queen, Detached Buttonhole, Smyrna, Double Running, Trellis,
Spiral Trellis, Petit
Point, Satin, Diagonal Cross, Long Arm Cross, Montenegrin,
Diagonal Montenegrin, & more.

Kit cost includes
linen, threads, needles, practice fabric, instructions, charts,
& photograph. Extra magnification and/ or lighting may be needed.

Scroll frame, hoop, or stretcher bars are optional.

Fabric cut 19″ X 16″ Intermediate-
Advanced level

Kit cost $72, teaching fee TBD.