Schoolgirl Embroideries

Date: 3/5/2005
Time: 9:00-10:00
Type: Lecture
Location: Winnetka Antiques Show
Teacher: Amy Finkel

Amy Finkel of M. Finkel and Daughter of Philadelphia will present a lecture on antique
samplers in her booth at the Winnetka Antiques Show.


Members of the Lake Michigan Sampler Guild, along with other interested antique-lovers,
were treated to a wonderful lecture by Amy Finkel of M. Finkel & Daughter at the
Winnetka Antiques Show.  Approximately 30 people came to the show early on Saturday
morning to hear Amy’s lecture on Schoolgirl Embroideries. 

The real treat in hearing Amy talk was the fact that her lecture was beautifully illustrated
by the gorgeous samplers for sale in her booth.  She discussed the unique characteristics
of American samplers, using examples from Boston, Philadelphia and other New England
states.  She contrasted the pictorial, free-flowing style of the American samplers
with the symmetrical, motif-filled examples of 19th century English samplers. 

In addition, we were able to view examples of Spanish, German and Scottish samplers. 
Stepping into Amy’s booth at the show is like visiting a museum, and many of us spent
extra time after the lecture examining all of the samplers in detail. 

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