2005 Stitcher’s Challenge

Date: 1/9/2005
Time: 1:30-4:00
Type: Meeting
Location: Glen Ellyn Library
Teacher: LMSG-Amy Keaton

The January meeting will again be the kickoff for our year long “Finish Your UFO” Challenge.  Those of you who participated last year certainly finished some beautiful pieces, and much fun was had shopping through Kathy Bourne’s stash for prizes.  So, it’s time for you to dig up another UFO  – we know you have one – and join the fun again this year. 

At the meeting we will describe the project or projects that we’d like to make progress on in 2005, and complete our “contracts”.  There will be an intermediate progress report at the Guild picnic in June, and progress reports for special prize consideration and for out-of-town members will be provided to Amy by the November meeting date.

The final show-and-tell (for those stitching right down to the wire) will be at the December meeting, with prizes awarded at that time.  If you can’t make the January meeting but would still like to participate, fill out the contract form and send to Amy Keaton by the end of January.



Our new president, Susan, began the meeting by welcoming the attendees and wishing them Happy New Year! We learned that about half our members have already sent in membership renewals. Remember to send them in, so you don’t miss any of our exciting 2005 programs.

Amy, our program chair, requested that each member wear a nametag at every meeting. If you have stitched one, please bring it along and wear it at our next meeting. Amy announced that Margriet Hogue will give classes on August 13th and 14th for the guild. On Saturday, she will present a Scottish sampler that was previously taught in Williamsburg. On Sunday, there will be unique project presented for LMSG.



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Cross stitch 


Next, we had Show and Tell. Leslie Lewis said that she decided to start the new year right and finish a project on Christmas Eve and start one on New Year’s Day. She brought her completed project to show us: the pinball taught by Margriet Hogue in August.



Kathy Mical brough the angel Gabriel that she stitched. for one of her grandsons. The piece was based on a design by Teresa Wentzler, enhanced by Kathy. She has started a wonderful family tradition of stitching an angel for each of her grandchildren.



The January meeting was the kickoff for our 2005 Stitcher’s Challenge. We had 14 members who signed contracts for the projects they want to complete in 2005. We went around the room and each member described her stitching goals for the new year. We also talked about our New Year’s resolutions for 2005 including:

  • Stitch everyday
  • Stitch once a week
  • Stitch one thread length per day
  • Be more organized so it doesn’t take as long to find things
  • Keep a journal

After each member presented her project(s), they were placed on the table at the front of the room. Then we admired their selections, talked and stitched. One member commented that stitching is as good as therapy, but too bad it’s not tax deductable!

If you couldn’t attend the meeting or you live out of town, you can still participate in the 2005 Stitcher’s Challenge. Just fill out the contract form and send it to our program chair, Amy, before the end of the month. Shown below are some of the partially completed projects that members hope to finish in 2005.





Cross stitch


Hope to see you at our first workshop of 2005 in February.
Don’t forget to renew your LMSG membership!

Show and Tell