20th Anniversary Party Photos

We had a beautiful fall day for our anniversary party. The turnout was fantastic and everyone who attended had a wonderful time. What a splendid afternoon!  Click on the title of this post to see photos of the party.


Thanks to Amy Keaton for hosting and helping for found the Guild!
Thanks to Judy Dixon for bringing the beautiful cake and drinks!
Thanks to Judy Dixon & Marilyn Fettinger for helping me make the favors!
Thanks to Lynn McVey for finding, designing and ordering the tape measures!
Thanks to Mary Ann Anderson for designing the little bag for the tape measure favor.
Thanks to Marilyn Vanover for making the beautiful sampler/gift box!
Thanks to all members who brought items to put in the box.
Thanks to Marilyn Fettinger and Karyn Pechinski for taking photos (Marilyn is not in the pictures because she is taking them).
Thanks to Marsha Parker of the Scarlet Letter for designing the Guild Sampler!
Thanks for Mary Draniczarek for writing checks.
And thanks too to Susan Balsai for being an officer pretty much every year since the Guild started. She helped found the Guild and helped to hold it together over all these years!
Congratulations to Dana Wright, Marilyn Vanover, Pat Carlson, Lynn McVey, Judy Dixon, Emily Whittenberg and Marilyn Fettinger for finishing the Guild Sampler!
And thanks to everyone who attended (including two new members who arrived after the photo was taken–Eileen Cavelle & Melissa Coyle) (kudos to Vicki Bemker for driving the farthest!) you all made it a very special day!

Photos from the 20th Anniversary Party: