4/14/2013 Family Needlework and Genealogy


Please join us on Sunday, April 14th  at 1:30 at the Wheaton Community Center when Jenny Ross will talk about Family Needlework and Genealogy.  Family samplers can provide important genealogical information that can be used to fill in your family tree.  Jenny will explain how she and her father identified Cyntha May and determined how they are related.  Some background in Southern Samplers and North Carolina Sampler teachers will also be provided.

Jenny will explain how to use information from a sampler to trace family history and highlight some interesting family genealogical studies.  She will also share family photographs, dating back to the 1830s, and other pieces of treasured family needlework.    If you would like, bring a piece of needlework that has been handed down in your family to share – it does not have to be a sampler.