Monthly Archives: April 2013

4/14/2013 Meeting Highlights

Our president Jenny Ross opened the meeting with a few announcements. If you want to attend the Margriet Hogue workshops in June, you must register by the end of April.  Registration has started for the September Ellen Chester workshops so you can also sign up for those.   Jenny presented

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4/14/2013 Show & Tell

Marilyn Vanover brought three items for show and tell to our April 2013 meeting:

4/14/2013 Family Needlework and Genealogy

Please join us on Sunday, April 14th  at 1:30 at the Wheaton Community Center when Jenny Ross will talk about Family Needlework and Genealogy.  Family samplers can provide important genealogical information that can be used to fill in your family tree.  Jenny will explain how she and her father identified

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